1588 World Map

I love old maps.


They look like they were drawn by the actual men who charted those territories. It’s too bad there is no need for cartographers as there’s something romantic about leaving the familiar behind to conquer the unknown.

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  • Peregrine John

    I’ve always loved maps, too. Instead of a reproduction, get a real one for the same price or less (or, heck, a boatload more if you want). Got one of Wales for my Dad a few years ago and mounted it in a “floating” frame so you can easily see what’s written on the other side of the map. Entirely excellent.

  • Dan

    If you like the old explorers as much as the old maps, audio book of “Champlain’s Dream” is good for a long road trip (30+ hrs). Plus the book’s Vermeer cover image is a striking piece of art.