Sometimes you just need someone to show you the ropes and sometimes you need someone to do a job for you. There’s no shame in outsourcing; men are busy and we need to budget our time just like we budget our money. A business owner doesn’t spend his days on the production floor because he has other responsibilities to see to, and sometimes a man has so many responsibilities in his personal life he needs to outsource other tasks as well. That’s where I come in. I can do all the hunting for you by scouring the Internet for the deals and products that meet your style profile, your specific size measurements, and your budget. After I’ve chosen everything for you and sent you the relevant information all you need to do is put your final stamp of approval on them and place the order yourself. Just like the Event Consultation, this is a communicative process. If you don’t like a shirt I’ve chosen, I will find another until you like what you see. Pricing follows the same guidelines as the Event Consultation – $25 for the Basic Consultation information along with 10% of your wardrobe budget.