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High Maintenance: Dress Shirts

If you work a white-collar job your dress shirts may see the most daily use and abuse of any item in your closet. While they may not be worn as often as shoes, they are less resilient and take some serious abuse. Here are a few tips: Rotation At minimum you’ll want five shirts. That’s… Read more »

High Maintenance: Shoes

Other than a suit, one of your biggest investments is going to be your shoes. While I like the idea of having a few casual shoes in rotation, I really believe you only need two or three pairs of dress shoes in your closet. In fact, having more than one pair is the first part… Read more »

High Maintenance

It does a man absolutely no good to curate a flattering wardrobe if it doesn’t look good on him because he has failed to maintain the cleanliness and quality of his clothing. Like I talk about in my philosophy¬†and have addressed in countless other conversations and articles – the purpose of a man dressing well… Read more »