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Are Your Clothes Distracting Pt 2

I had so many good comments and emails from my last video helping me see both the strengths and weaknesses in this discussion that I decided to make a follow-up. Click Here to Watch the YouTube Video: Are Your Clothes Distracting Pt 2 Click Here to Watch the YouTube Video: Are Your Clothes Distracting Pt… Read more »

How to Travel With a Suit

Today’s post is sponsored by Colonel Littleton. They have a special going for Masculine Style readers and you will receive a free gift for any purchase from their store. Over the past years both my travel frequency and the rate at which I travel with a suit have increased. I remember digging around online trying… Read more »

Are Your Clothes Distracting?

A common mistake many men make when deciding to dress better is moving from a style that detracts from their mission to one that’s just distracting. They assume that dressing according to a certain era (like 60’s in America), always wearing a suit, or dressing in bright colors and bold patterns – a move away… Read more »

Manly Clothing?

The other day I was looking through the older posts of the site for a specific image when I stumbled upon this photo from the Sartorialist I thought it was interesting because the clothing isn’t what you’d define as traditionally masculine, but his facial expression and body language don’t appear as effete as what you’d… Read more »

Clothes Don’t Make the Man

What you wear doesn’t make you a better man and, if the things you’re clothing says about you don’t match up with who you are, then your style can do more damage than good. At the same time, dressing well can help you maintain motivation to seek improvement in other areas and keep on the… Read more »