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Who Do You Dress Well For?

Do you dress well because it will get you ahead? Because it makes you feel good? Because you want to fit in? Because you just like how it looks? Odds are there isn’t just one reason – even if you think there is. And that’s because clothing can impact not only how others see us,… Read more »

Stop Playing Dress Up

Sure you may no longer be the guy in cargo shorts and a T-shirt, but are you really dressing well? One thing I experienced in my own style evolution, and continue to see from hundreds of men, is the conflation of dressing in a vintage suit (or other outfit) with dressing well. We look to… Read more »

Fashion vs Style

It’s a debate that has gone on for years and will probably go on for many more. What is the difference between fashion and style? Are they synonyms and we’re just arguing semantics? Is one better than the other? In this video I give my thoughts on the difference and how to develop a true… Read more »

Mike Aitken Style In Real Life

This edition of Style in Real Life is about a man who personified the word “style” for an entire sport. He is a BMX legend and his name is Mike Aitken Aitken is a bit different than other men I’ve covered in Style in Real Life because his style isn’t just demonstrated in the clothing… Read more »

Why You Get Stuck In Ruts

Have you ever wondered why trying harder doesn’t seem to get you anywhere? Well maybe you’re like me and you’re not properly allocating your effort. Maybe it’s going to improve on things that don’t really need to get any better, or to so many different things at once that they all suffer. In today’s video… Read more »