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Manly Clothing?

The other day I was looking through the older posts of the site for a specific image when I stumbled upon this photo from the Sartorialist I thought it was interesting because the clothing isn’t what you’d define as traditionally masculine, but his facial expression and body language don’t appear as effete as what you’d… Read more »

Clothes Don’t Make the Man

What you wear doesn’t make you a better man and, if the things you’re clothing says about you don’t match up with who you are, then your style can do more damage than good. At the same time, dressing well can help you maintain motivation to seek improvement in other areas and keep on the… Read more »

Dressing Consistently Well

Once most men start figuring how to dress well in their primary environment (work, the gym, weekends, etc.) they often quit there. But having real style comes from being able to dress well in all your environments – not just those in which you spend the majority of your time.

What Killing & Clothing Have in Common

I just finished listening to “On Killing” by Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman. It was a fascinating read and really opened up my eyes to the relationship men have with violence. You may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with clothing and why is this guy writing about it on a style site?” Good question…. Read more »

Are Your Clothes Lying About You?

The other day I had an employee of mine come by the shop after attending a networking event. We spent a good hour talking about things like the perception of our brand and our industry, along with ideas on how to help the average guy see the value in investing in quality menswear. As we… Read more »