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Understanding Custom Suiting

Over the years I’ve been in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity to make a lot of suits for myself and for my clients. And, over that time period, I’ve seen some common threads of misperceptions people have about custom clothing, how the process works, and what they can expect from the end result. Click… Read more »

How to Build the Ultimate Wardrobe

Believe it or not, I’ve made a lot of clothing mistakes over the years. And this post is all about giving you the opportunity to learn from them. Because what’s the point in my gaining all of this understanding, the hard way, if I can’t share it with you. Click Here to Watch the YouTube… Read more »

Are Your Clothes Distracting Pt 2

I had so many good comments and emails from my last video helping me see both the strengths and weaknesses in this discussion that I decided to make a follow-up. Click Here to Watch the YouTube Video: Are Your Clothes Distracting Pt 2 Click Here to Watch the YouTube Video: Are Your Clothes Distracting Pt… Read more »

How to Travel With a Suit

Today’s post is sponsored by Colonel Littleton. They have a special going for Masculine Style readers and you will receive a free gift for any purchase from their store. Over the past years both my travel frequency and the rate at which I travel with a suit have increased. I remember digging around online trying… Read more »

Are Your Clothes Distracting?

A common mistake many men make when deciding to dress better is moving from a style that detracts from their mission to one that’s just distracting. They assume that dressing according to a certain era (like 60’s in America), always wearing a suit, or dressing in bright colors and bold patterns – a move away… Read more »