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Skinny and Fit aren’t Exactly Equal

Thankfully men’s style is swinging towards clothes fitting like they should. However, one trend that continues to persist is that skinny clothes and fit clothes are the same thing. This isn’t necessarily true. You can have a slim tie and skinny lapels on a suit that doesn’t fit right, and you can have a large… Read more »

A Better Scarf

Don’t get me wrong. I love solid or rep-striped scarf. They’re classics. And you can’t really beat wool or cashmere as far as warmth goes. If you want to step up your scarf game though, here’s one I found online today.  

Yoda was Wrong

There is a try. My wife and I were out for dinner last night for her birthday. I found a restaurant in Salt Lake that had a very private atmosphere and would be a nice place to eat without breaking the bank. I love going to a good restaurant and tasting the difference between a… Read more »