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I don’t know…

… if this is a dude or a chick.

Bad. Ass.

What do you think?

With both the recession and an ever-growing awareness of the villification of all things masculine, men’s style has started turning back to its roots within the last few years. There’s been a huge increase in both the focus on quality and the aesthetic aspects of things that men wore in more masculine and affluent times…. Read more »

Proper Collar Pop

Yes there’s a right way to do it and no it does not involve a polo shirt. Have you ever wondered why shirts even come with collars? They feel restrictive. They’re superfluous fabric. It’s an extra thing to iron. It seems like we’d be better off not having to wear them. The thing about the… Read more »

Winter Wear

Here’s a good example of a way to stand out from all the grays, blacks, browns and navy’s that you see most often in winter outerwear for men.