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If you wear this…

If you wear this you will literally be asking any man in a visual range to pound the crap out of you.

How you wear it

One of, if not the most important aspect of dressing well is having the confidence to do so. If you’re not sure about your clothing it’s pretty apparent and it makes you look like a clown. But when you see someone with supreme confidence in their style, it makes even the silliest thing look great…. Read more »

Go to Hell

One aspect of dressing well is standing apart from other men. Most of the time you can do this just by putting a little effort into how you look, but there are times when you’ll be around other sartorially inclined men and you’ll want to step up your game; or you’ll be in an environment… Read more »

Riding Gloves

I’ll be using these¬†when I take the bike out of storage this spring. Then again, the winter in Utah has been so mild I might just take it out for the weekend.¬†