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Riding Gloves

I’ll be using these when I take the bike out of storage this spring. Then again, the winter in Utah has been so mild I might just take it out for the weekend. 

The more you wear something

The more you wear something the more comfortable it feels; The more comfortable it feels the more natural it looks; The more natural it looks the better it makes you look.

Is that a gun in your pocket…?

I’m an advocate of carrying a weapon and in most states you can (sucks to be you Illinois).  I could go into a whole list of reasons why, but to me it seems pretty apparent. I’m also an advocate of concealed carry. Again, there are a whole host of reasons why. When I got my… Read more »

Don’t Look Like This Guy

  Seriously, the hair, the glasses, the build, all of it. There is nothing masculine about this guy at all.