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If I had this jacket I’d be tempted to never put my bike in winter storage.  

Show a Little More

Want an easy way to both stand out and convey some confidence? If you’r wearing a button-up shirt without a tie. Undo the top two buttons instead of just one. It will make you look less stiff and it’s a good way to show off some chest hair. You should have chest hair.   Exhibit… Read more »

Wearing the Same Clothes but Dressing Differently

Hipsters and SWPL’s have developed an affinity for tradition when it comes to clothing and other “safe” areas. For a man in the alt right, this can be the same conundrum with dressing well. With shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire gaining in popularity, along with the economy leading consumers to focus on quality and… Read more »

Buckshot Brogues

Found these online today. The contrast between dandy dress shoes and the violence of a weapons is pretty damn cool and a perfect peacock. Why buy them when they’re just begging for a DIY though. You do own a gun, don’t you?

Cheating on Fit

With fit being the most important aspect of dressing well, most men who are just starting out are left in a tough spot. Either they pay for all new clothes, or they pay to have their existing clothing altered. Neither one is an especially cheap option. My recommendation is to start off buying one new… Read more »