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Podcast Episode 11: Dressing the Armed Man

This episode discusses both the mechanics of dressing well while carrying a firearm, along with the reasons I personally choose to carry a weapon. I understand that this is a controversial subject and one that can lead to a heated discussion in the comments. I don’t need to defend myself. I may engage in a… Read more »

Podcast Episode 9: Dressing the Shorter Man

This episode was based on a revisitation of my September 2012 post Dressing the (Smaller)Man. Being as I’m six feet tall, I can only approach this topic from a hypothetical perspective. So I decided to bring on two of my good friends who are both style experts and on the shorter end of the spectrum…. Read more »

Podcast Episode 8: Dressing the Muscular Man

This episode is a bit of a mixture. It was initiated by an article I wrote back in October 2012 titled “Dressing the Muscular Man.” In the original article I laid out some basic advice on how men who have spent some obvious time in the gym can dress better. For the actual episode, I… Read more »

Dressing the (Taller)Man

While most people don’t want to hear about it, being above six feet tall does come with its own difficulties in the realm of dressing well. For many men, finding something that is correct in length means they have to shop at big and tall stores. The problem with most of these places is that… Read more »

Dressing the (Younger)Man

A lot of my readers are younger men and today I want to specifically help you out. As I’m sure you’ve noticed around you, the majority of high-school and college-aged guys dress pretty poorly. The benefit to you is that it doesn’t mean you have to bring your A game everyday or invest a massive amount… Read more »