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Bike Sink

Stumbled on this picture over the weekend. It’s kind of frail in its current iteration, but doing the same thing with a motorcycle – especially and old Indian or BSA that won’t run anymore would be awesome.

Tie Rack

There are plenty of tried-and-true methods for storing your ties. Some men roll them up and have specific drawers, others keep them on a hanger in their closet, and many will use a rack attached to an armoire. Until now, I’ve never really thought of having them displayed somewhere prominently in my home, but I… Read more »

Green Chesterfield

I’ve had my eye on something like this for years. Someday soon. Manly Vintage has a bunch of great mid-century furniture finds that have a masculine feel to them. They’re pricey because they’re the real deal, but they’re great for getting ideas.

Living Room

This is a display for a store so there’s a bit more justification for all the crap on the coffee table. If you got rid of all that, this would be a pretty sweet set up for a man’s lounge or his living room.

BBQ in a Barrel

More expensive than I personally thinks it’s worth. Still the idea is pretty cool.