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Why I Hate My Tattoo

The most frequent request I get is to explain the origin of, and meaning behind, my tattoo. Well I do just that in this video, along with why I hate it and believe a majority of men who get tattoos today will probably end up regretting theirs.

Why the Name Change?

I’ve changed the name of the YouTube channel and my other social media accounts from Masculine Style to Tanner Guzy. In this video, I explain why.

My son is trying to kill me!

As I continue in my attempts to increase the reach of Masculine Style, I’m having fun experimenting with different mediums and methods. One thing a lot of my media friends have had success with is a vlog format on YouTube. Some of these guys are dedicated enough that they do one multiple times a week… Read more »

Summer 2014

No words. Just some inspiration for summer. Most images pulled from Tumblr.

Review: LSTN Headphones

As much as music was part of my identity in high school and college, I’ve never been a huge audio guy. I didn’t own any vinyl, and the only lamentation I had about shifting all of my music from CD’s to my phone was that it didn’t play as loudly in my car. I’ve never… Read more »