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The Wrong Ring

This is a man’s wedding band with the wife’s fingerprint on it. I shouldn’t have to tell you why this is a bad idea and why you will forever be teased by any friend of yours with even an ounce of masculinity for choosing to wear this as your wedding ring. PS. Follow me on… Read more »

Double Timing

I’ve seen a lot of creative options for bottle openers but these take the cake. Imagine being at the beach with a bridesmaid you picked up from your buddy’s shoreline wedding. You’re in your three-piece suit with your bow tie undone hanging low and you’ve left the jacket somewhere. She grabs a couple of bottles and… Read more »

Simple and Raw

I’m digging the industrial minimalism of this bike. Bobbers are usually hit or miss and this is a hit. Also, really creative headlight placement. If it works, I like it. PS. The month is more than halfway over so take advantage of the reduced price on Basic Consultations before they go back up.

Leather Lighter

A lighter is one of those things you want to carry around even if you’re not a smoker. Not that the apocalypse is upon us but fire is a key element when it comes to any survival situation. There are myriad uses for a lighter so it’s good to keep one on you. And, if… Read more »

High/Low Briefcase

I’m working on a consultation right now for a man who runs with both a creative SWPL and a blue-collar crowd. He has to be able to come up with artful, attractive ideas and then build them himself as well. It’s been a fun consultation thus far as his situation is pretty unique and challenging…. Read more »