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Back to School: The Pack

I had a friend in high school who once wore the exact same outfit every day for a month just to see if anyone would notice. We did. He looked stupid and smelled even worse. While variety is the spice of life, sometimes there are items that you only buy one of. As great as… Read more »

Passport Holder

Doing a semester abroad? Make sure your passport doesn’t end up looking like it got wrung through the wash and grab a passport holder. PS. Don’t forget I’m running a deal on Basic Consultations all month this month as a back-to-school special.

Laptop/iPad Case

Getting ready to start your final year in college? Taking a course load that isn’t too text-book heavy? Swap out your backpack or messenger bag for a laptop case – like this one.


If you’re heading up to campus anytime in the next few weeks to check out housing or look for jobs before classes start, I’d suggest packing your gear in something as stylish and as versatile as this weekender. UPDATE: I found somewhere to purchase this bag. Click on the picture and it will take you… Read more »

A Man’s Kitchen

While assumption has always been that the kitchen is the realm of women, there are few things as masculine as preparing food that you’ve provided. I have an uncle who practically wouldn’t allow his wife to cook because he took so much pride in his culinary creations. If you are a cooking man, your kitchen… Read more »