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Macabre Brief Case

For the man who works in an environment where he needs to carry a case and creativity is valued – I present a doctor’s bag from the 1930’s. Sign me up.

Americana Lawn Chairs

Of course being a fan of almost all things vintage American, I’m eating these up. These remind me of my childhood and watching 4th of July parades in our neighborhood.

Razor Sheath

I’ve been shaving with a safety razor for about two years now. Granted I only have to trim up my neck and cheeks as I wear a beard year round I can get away with shaving once a week, but I still love the closeness of the shave and the price of the blades. I… Read more »

Baseball Glove Wallet

As much as I hate the SWPL term “repurposed” it is an apt¬†choice for the right circumstance. The leather company Coach is making more of an attempt to get into men’s wallets and their latest effort is pretty cool. Apparently they’re made of vintage baseball gloves. Vintage as in¬† – more than 70 years old…. Read more »