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Good hell this is a pretty bike. I love how minimal all the controls are, especially when compared to the visual complexity of the engine itself. Check out more pictures and a write up on it here.

Lock Pick

I wouldn’t mind a set like this.

Legos + Guns = Awesome

Like most boys my age, I grew up playing with Legos. My brothers and I would spend hours building up the specific sets or creating our own pirate ships and space stations on our own. I stumbled on this book today that showcases how to make four manly gun replicas with Lego pieces.

Slim Rucksack

Backpacks are hard to pull off. Most of them make you still look like a little kid so nine times out of ten I’d suggest you opt for a messenger bag or briefcase. This one might be that tenth time though.

Masculine Diaper Bag

I know this corner of the Internet is full of nihilists, rakes, and players, and my being married and wanting to have children puts me in a small minority. However, being in the minority does not mean I’m the only one. I tagged along with my wife while she and her sister registered for her… Read more »