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Weaponized Scissors

As if they weren’t already deadly enough when placed in the proper hands. This is the kind of thing that’s perfect for a man’s office. It’s not going to scream for attention but when people see it they’ll know you won’t apologize for being a man. It’s contrast game for the corporate man.

Bolt-Action Pen

You haven’t heard of a tactical pen before? Well, they’re made from high-grade materials so they can double as self-defense weapons. The bolt-action that opens and closes it is more for fun but I still like the whole idea. Maybe I can talk them into sending me one for review.

Beamer Beauty

Not quite a cafe. Not quite a bobber. This thing is gorgeous.

A Pen

You may or may not be the type of man who needs a daily pen. If you are, I’ve personally found I’m better of purchasing a decent one. That way I’m more inclined to keep track of it, which prevents me from having to constantly replace cheap ones and also helps me always have one on me…. Read more »