Category: Reader Submissions

Alexander Before and After

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I have a client who’s had some great results with one of my Online Consultations. Here’s what he sent me as part of the ordering process. He was already conscious of the way he dressed, and was doing better than most when it comes to… Read more »

Reader Submission: Dress Sock Dilemma

Good question from a good reader. I recently purchased some nice dress socks to help my transition to a more masculine me…the only issue is they seem to only have two sizes of socks. The socks that fit shoe sizes 6-12 is the size i fall into since I wear size 9.5-10. Now that is… Read more »

Reader Submission: New Year’s Eve Then and Now

Keith is a friend I’ve had contact with since the early days of the blog. He was even one of my first clients. While he’s always dressed well, he’s been able to take his style to the next level over the last year. This morning he sent me two pictures of a New Year’s annual… Read more »

Reader Submission: Fitted Pants for the Muscular Man

This time our reader submission comes by way of question instead of showing what he already has. I’m one of those men who has recently seen the light and is now upgrading my wardrobe, but I’m running into a problem that I thought you might be able to help me with. I’m an athletically built… Read more »

Ox Blood

Kalim sent over this picture of his $7 ox-blood Florsheims and I’m a fan. The slim khakis that he’s cuffed himself and the white sox are about as 1960’s WASP as you can get.