Gaudy Knots

I’ve seen a few of these elaborate tie knots making the rounds over the last couple of weeks. At first it was just on Pinterest – which is largely women just posting up pictures of how they wish their men would dress – so I wasn’t too worried about these actually catching on.


But more and more I’m seeing other men and bloggers giving these their best attempt. Gaudy knots are ridiculous. There is nothing more classic or conservative than a tie and trying to modernize it with a new, crazy knot is going to make you look more like you attend cosplay events than live in the real world with the rest of us.


Gaudy knots are like bluetooth headpieces – nope, those actually can serve a purpose, they’re like cell phone belt clips, they’re a retarded attempt to look like you’re a modern business man when you really just look like a monkey.

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  • Some girl on my Facebook posted a link to someone’s pin of these knots. Told her they were nonsense and try-hard. Glad you tossed something up about them. Why are people trying to mess with classic neckwear? Just wear the damn tie. Wear it right and you’ll get all the positive reactions you could ever want.

  • Dan

    Does this mean there is a forthcoming post on tie knots, bars, tacks, etc? Return of Kings started in on ‘tie dimples’ but stopped short of a full primer.

  • onan

    full windsor ftw.

  • Little late to the party here. Allthough I agree that the Trinity is what you say it is, I still want to make a stand for the “Matrix” knot as shown in the movies and on youtube (search for it). Sporting a dark solid color tie and that knot to a white spread collar shirt is acceptable in my book.