Kickstarter: Sole-Socks

We’re coming up on sockless season in the near future (even if half of the US is still seeing near-record levels of snow right now).

This is a polarizing trend. And yes, it is a trend. In 15 years we’ll probably think it’s as silly as pooka-shell necklaces appear today. But, some trends are worth capitalizing on, and I think this is one of them.

Some time ago I covered all of the different alternatives for going sockless. While there are a number of ways, the cotton insole method is my favorite and, up until recently, I’ve only been aware of Aldo offering said insoles. But there’s a new kid on the block whom I think is worth supporting.

Taylor and Tanner are two brothers who have really done their homework on how to perfect the wearable, washable insole. I’m excited to try a pair of these out and compare them against what I’m already used to wearing.


These guys have already more than exceeded their goal, so this post is more of a favor to you than it is to them. Jumping in on their Kickstarter now is a great way to get what should be an excellent product at a discounted price.

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