Not a fun page but one that needs to be done anyway – because common sense is dying and even though I write for men, some of you will still act like little nancy boys if your feelings get hurt.

Site Participation and Comments

Masculine Style and its associated blog and content are considered a blog for “entertainment purposes only.” This means you must exercise caution when you use any of the content from the site or my consultations.

While I invest a lot of time, effort, and experience into the site and my consultations they are to be used at your own risk. I cannot compensate you for any loss related to this site or my consultation services.

From time to time posts will be updated after their original posting date. The majority of these changes are cosmetic and are not generally disclosed. However my goal is to be as reasonable and transparent as possible and I will work with readers should there be a dispute.

The comments made by those participating on this site are the opinion of those expressing them and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of this site or its author. This is my site and I retain the right to ban or block any comment or commenter for any reason I deem acceptable. I strongly encourage you to refrain from posting any personal information and neither Masculine Style nor the author will be responsible for any damages suffered by individuals as a result of their comments.

All of the comments on this blog become a part of the content and as such exclusively the property of Masculine Style to retain, reproduce, alter, or share at my sole discretion.

Affiliate Disclosure

Many if not all of the ads you see on this website and links contained within the site and consultations are done through companies with whom I have an affiliate relationship. This means I get a commission if you purchase an item from one of those companies after being linked through my site or your consultation. While I do have a bias affected by my ability to make money within these relationships (I’m running a business after all) I do not have nor endorse relationship with companies unless I already feel comfortable standing behind their products.

Much of the content of the site is based around a specific company or product. I do my best to be as objective and honest as I possibly can with both the good and the bad of any product I review or feature. I also do my best to have more-in-depth posts and recommendations be done only with companies and products with whom I have first-hand knowledge. Often times this means they will send me a free product for review.