See why thousands of readers and hundreds of clients are happy with Masculine Style

“I recently had a basic online consultation with Tanner and was quite happy with the results. Within a day of filling out the online form and uploading a few pictures, Tanner responded with a detailed, customized analysis of my body type, skin tone, etc. (including correcting a few self-described traits that I had entered incorrectly). Though he only had a few photos to go by, I think that he correctly summarized my body type and basic strengths and weakness.
He then provided a long list of suggestions for what type of clothes would look best on me, including which colors and fit would be ideal. These included most major categories, such as suits, jackets, shirts, etc and even included what type of glasses would look best on my face. Overall, it was a great experience and well worth the money I spent. In fact, I was so pleased, that I’ll be working with Tanner on a full online consultation to help me update and expand my wardrobe.”
-Steve in Nevada
“I recently purchased a basic consultation from Masculine Style, after stumbling on the blog and reading it for hours. I’d previously read dozens of websites aspiring to offer insights into male style, but Masculine Style was exactly what I was looking for: clear, direct and detailed explanations of what works and why. By ordering a basic consultation, I hoped to get more of this kind of advice, but tailored to my personal look: I wasn’t disappointed. Tanner replied promptly with several paragraphs of advice on how to address everything from working with my complexion, to picking a suit, to choosing the appropriate break in my pants, to where to buy shirts to fit my long arms. He was also very accommodating about follow-up question. You won’t get this kind of insight elsewhere – I know because I looked for it for years. I highly recommend a basic consultation.”
-Brian G
“I appreciated both the breadth, and the level of specificity you provided in the consultation. You not only covered both suiting and casual style, but you went into great detail about what would be good and bad for me, and why. Also worthwhile were your several references to the picture I provided for the evaluation, and personal recommendations customized to me specifically based on that. All in all, this is an excellent service, well worth the cost, which I heartily recommend to others.”
-Mike Reynolds
“Ordered the Basic Consultation.  A mix of personalized advice and timeless fashion rules.  Impressed with the sheer amount of practical information.  May actually start to enjoy purchasing clothes now.
-Daniel J