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Whether you’re just starting off or a long-time reader of Masculine Style, I’ve created this page to make it easier to navigate the site and get the most out of everything included here.

If you’re looking to simply be told what to wear to look good, this isn’t the site for you. In order to truly master any skill, it’s important to understand the history, the fundamentals, the implications, and the rituals. Dressing well is a skill and I believe so many men fail to get good at it because they don’t really move beyond simply trying to wear the same clothes as the men whose style they admire. It’s akin to believing that buying the same clubs as a favored PGA player is the only step necessary in becoming a better golfer.

There is plenty of discussion about fundamental items every man should have in his wardrobe (more on that later) but the foundation of a masculine aesthetic is learning how to use appearance as a tool to help accomplish as many worthwhile goals as possible.

Most of us don’t want to learn to dress better because we think it’s fun on its own. Rather, we know that it helps us towards other more tangible, more worthwhile goals – things like landing that job, meeting the right woman, or simply wanting to feel, and therefore act, more like a man.

Masculine Style is the place to learn how to truly develop a sense of style, not just wear better clothes.

The Three Masculine Style Archetypes

To start out, dive into my series on the Three Archetypes of Masculine Style. The vast majority of men will find style icons who are either RuggedRefined, or Rakish – with many of us wanting to dress in some blend of the three. These articles explain the philosophy, the goals, and the pitfalls of adopting any of these style archetypes.

Once you’re done reading them, go take the Archetype Quiz to see which of the three is yours. It’s a huge step towards learning how to dress better.

The best way to navigate all of this new information is to become a Masculine Style subscriber.

Right out of the gate you’ll get my free eguide of 10 Masculine Style Essentials. These aren’t ten items of clothing (that comes later) but ten essential attitudes and approaches necessary to curating a true sense of style. After learning and applying these ten essentials, it becomes not only easy, but fun to figure out how to effectively use your clothing, grooming, and other aesthetics as a means to communicate the caliber of man you are or want to become.

You’ll also receive an introductory series to Masculine Style which hi-lights all of the best articles on the site, along with keeping you updated when new posts are published. You can unsubscribe at any time if you stop finding the posts to be useful.

I’m excited to have you here. This truly is a menswear blog with a different approach than any other and you’re going to love the way it changes your attitude about masculinity and its relationship with clothing.

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