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Contrast Via Texture

A silver lining to the shorter days and colder temperatures of fall and winter is that it’s a lot more fun to dress well during these seasons. Spring and summer, with their heat and its limitations mean most men (and thankfully women) are looking to wear as little as they can get away with. But… Read more »

Wednesday Weigh In: Olive

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Casual Friday: Bike Style

Like: The jeans. They’re dark and slim without being constrictingly tight. There’s no visible embellishment on the back pockets or anywhere else (that I can see). The boots. They look like classic Red Wings. Riding a bike myself I can attest to the worth of investing in a good pair of boots. Knowing your feet are… Read more »

How to Wear a Tux

Most guys don’t think they’ll ever have to wear a tux once they’re done with high school and the prom. However, while a tuxedo is becoming increasingly rare in anything besides the upper class, odds are you’ll have to throw one on once or twice in your adult life. I’m of the opinion that it’s better to… Read more »

WWI: Halloween Edition

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