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Why is the Skinny Blade of Your Tie Longer?

I post a lot of suit photos on Instagram, and 90% of the time, I have someone leave a comment asking me why the skinny blade, or back blade, of my tie is longer than the front. Most are genuinely curious, although I do love getting the occasional blowhard who’s trying to out posture me… Read more »

Why I’m Not a Gentleman

The term has been so misused, so twisted over the past few decades that it’s truly lost any semblance of its original meaning – both in technical definition and the principles it used to represent. It is now a way for weak men to morally preen about their weakness and signal it as a virtue… Read more »

Contrast Via Texture

A silver lining to the shorter days and colder temperatures of fall and winter is that it’s a lot more fun to dress well during these seasons. Spring and summer, with their heat and its limitations mean most men (and thankfully women) are looking to wear as little as they can get away with. But… Read more »

Wednesday Weigh In: Olive

PS. Did you know I do private style consultations? I can help you dress better according to your budget and your needs.

Casual Friday: Bike Style

Like: The jeans. They’re dark and slim without being constrictingly tight. There’s no visible embellishment on the back pockets or anywhere else (that I can see). The boots. They look like classic Red Wings. Riding a bike myself I can attest to the worth of investing in a good pair of boots. Knowing your feet are… Read more »