The Emperor Has No Clothes

I don’t get political on here very often – and a large part of that is because I believe our current, two-party system is really just two factions of the same club, and both are more interested in furthering their own interests than in protecting the Constitution they’ve sworn to uphold.

One thing that’s been more than a little caution inducing is the existing climate in which it is almost impossible to express any criticism of the current president – because Racism!!!. The irony is that half of the crap Obama is praised for is used to ridicule other men from other parties (and even his own). Does anyone remember the GQ brouhaha about Paul Ryan’s style and how he really needed a tailor? It was true, the man looked like a joke. But the implied and spoken contrast was that Obama himself was the cool, Gen-X, well-dressed man who was already improving the appearance of Washington. I even remember one pundit saying one of the reasons the Obama’s were so great was because you could actually imagine them having sex (unlike the icky Bush’s).

If Ryan and Romney were the goofs of menswear, Obama was its political ambassador. However, in their fever pitch, the Cathedral forgot to notice that the emperor has no clothes, and Obama really is as dorky as his competition. I present the evidence.

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And, lest you think it’s just his casual game that’s hurting, I give you a belt clip and pleated pants.


This is not a criticism of the man’s politics, his background, or his end game. It’s a criticism of every person who refuses to see the reality that’s in front of them. If you’ve had enough of the kool aid that you believe this man is a paragon of cool-guy style, you’re clearly trying to see something that isn’t there. And if you’re lying to yourself about his appearance, what else are you failing to see?

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Tanner is the founder and primary author of Masculine Style. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and two kids, and helps run Beckett & Robb - a men's clothing company built around custom suits and shirts.
  • DXLi

    The media portrays political figures in misleading ways that don’t reflect their actual behavior?! And they do this for political reasons? I had no idea! 😉

    • sam

      I think it’s egregious with Obama, though. He was obviously a total cornball from the getgo, yet got painted and widely perceived as a sophisticate. I mean, everybody accurately knew Bush was a rube.

      • DXLi

        This is all just confirmation and hindsight bias. I’m sure plenty of people thought Clinton was sophisticated back in the day. And I don’t know if you can reasonably call a Rhode Scholar a “rube”.

        Anyone who’s seen paparazzi photos knows that even the best-dressed people slum it up sometimes. I’m not saying that Obama’s a stylish guy. All I’m saying is that drumming up a few photos of him in mom jeans isn’t evidence of an unusual media slant except to those who’ve already made up their minds that there is one. If JFK were president today, I’m sure that Reddit would be inundated with unflattering photos that one could use to say he has no style.

        That being said, those pleated slacks are pretty ugly.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more. He is not the paragon of style.

    America is not ready for a president with a sense of style. The average man would find it difficult to relate to him, which is quite sad.

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