Utah Garage Rebuild

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Spencer Steed through my day job. He ordered a suit for his upcoming wedding and we got along pretty well – especially because he is an avid collector and rebuilder of vintage motorcycles.

To my surprise, I saw a Utah house tour of a great garage conversion a few weeks later and, only after clicking through it all, realized it was the Spencer I knew. Check out what he and his fiance have done to their garage. The heating must be a pain, but it’s very apparent that Spencer is a man whose presence is felt in his castle.

You may not like everything they’ve done, but there are certainly some cool ideas from which to pull inspiration.


Meet The Author

Tanner is the founder and primary author of Masculine Style. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and two kids, and helps run Beckett & Robb – a men’s clothing company built around custom suits and shirts.

  • sam

    I didn’t think cohabitation was legal in Utah.

  • Keanu

    That is a sick pad…

    Can you do a post on fall jackets in honor of the creeping cool weather?

  • Roger

    I like it. Very creative.