Warm and Cool

Now that Labor Day is over, it’s time to start making the seasonal change from summer to autumn. Technically you’re supposed to stop wearing white, linen, and seersucker after yesterday but those rules are getting more and more antiquated. My advice is to keep wearing them until the actual start of fall on September 21st. Things should have cooled off enough by then to be able to get by without those lighter colors and materials.

In the past I’ve always found the transition from summer to autumn to be the most difficult to make. It’s easy to jump the gun and throw on boots and a tweed jacket because it’s cool in the morning only to realize it’s still 85+ degrees out in the afternoon and you’re sweating buckets. The easiest way to make this transition is to change your colors before you start adding layers or wearing heavier material.

orange tie

This is a great example of a staple, Autumn suit when you’re in October and November. Throwing that jacket on now would be retarded. However, that warm, gold and orange tie would be great paired with your light-blue summer shirt. It doesn’t add any extra heat but the color and texture are more appropriate for the cooler, browner months.

An autumn palette is gold-based and includes a lot of earth tones. For men with warm complexion’s, this is the best time of year as almost anything will look good on you. For those with cooler complexions, you will want to avoid the golds but can still be seasonably appropriate in blue and grey based colors that are a bit darker. Things like grey blue and burgundy, etc.

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Meet The Author

Tanner is the founder and primary author of Masculine Style. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and two kids, and helps run Beckett & Robb - a men's clothing company built around custom suits and shirts.
  • Peter

    Quick! I enjoy your blog. But in the strive for perfection, note that the months get capital letters, but not the seasons. Thank you!

  • Shomi

    Im 20 years old but dress very suave and classy for my age. But I feel like tweed is a bit to “old” for me? Do you agree with that? will wearing tweed for casual events at such a young age make me look a bit try-hard?

    • Tweed definitely comes across as older. Being as you’re 20, I’d say a navy jacket is going to set you up as better dressed than everyone else without coming across as try-hard. Give the tweed another five years or so.