Wednesday Weigh In: Benched


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Tanner is the founder and primary author of Masculine Style. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and two kids, and helps run Beckett & Robb - a men's clothing company built around custom suits and shirts.
  • DB


    Round classes on very oval face.

    V-neck all the way down to mid chest (or just a really really loose shirt). The whole look is sloppy in the torso.

    Navy jacket is too large so it hangs off the shoulders and bunches up, although I like the style of it. It’s probably large because he’s wearing a puffy vest and another blue shirt and a t-shirt. There’s just too much going on there for me. I don’t know, 3 collars seems like too much for basically any look.

    His posture. His feminine posture fits very nicely with his feminine ring. His wrists are limp, his legs are crossed, and he’s very closed off.



    Boots and jeans are solid.

    Rucksack is nice.


    Incoherent, sloppy look with some nice individual pieces. There’s just too much going on that doesn’t fit together.

    • Interesting that you say that about the sizing. I like how slouchy everything is. It looks non-chalant.

      • DB

        Interesting observation. Did you pick this picture because it’s another example of someone essentially breaking many ‘rules’, but doing it in a way that’s consistent, and then owning it?

        I’m still not really a fan, but I do understand where you’re coming from if that’s the case. If this style fits his personality and lifestyle, then I could see it working for him.

        I get an artistic or musician vibe from him.

        • Ya he’s definitely one who’s breaking all the rules but looks good.

          A good example of that are the round sunglasses on a long face.

          More than an artist or musician, I just see him as a menswear nerd. I’m pretty damn jealous of that jacket though.

          • DB

            Fair enough. I enjoy the challenge of style. I never even thought about it a year ago, and now I’m fascinated by it. I hope one day I can get the rules down well enough that I know how to break them successfully. I’m not there yet.

  • Jeff

    Awesome blog, Tanner. I’m a 22yo man who discovered the manosphere almost 3 years ago. I’ve been looking for a blog to give me advice on creating a classic manly image for ages now. The Staples section is particularly helpful.

    • Thanks Jeff. Glad you like the blog.

  • Brian


    How the style of jacket works well with the other pieces. Casual, rugged. (Exception: t-shirt – see dislikes)

    The color of the jacket is a warmer blue which works with his coloring.


    Ring and bracelet – style and color
    Sunglasses – style and color (brown lenses would be better)
    Fit of Jacket
    Low-V t-shirt – looks too sloppy with the rest of the outfit which is all casual already.

  • Ok so I’ve read a couple of comments about the ring being effeminate. Rings by nature are neutral so what makes this one girly?

    • Peregrine John

      The power of the pose. Have him sit like Antonio Banderas and suddenly it’ll be a manly ring indeed.

      He looks comfy. I would have the innermost of his closeable layers buttoned, but then I wouldn’t be wearing a total of 4 torso coverings to begin with. The jacket’s sleeve length is clearly not too long, but the shoulder falls off his shoulder. Not sure what to make of that. It’s like it was made for someone barrel-chested and short-armed, but he should be looking for something described as “Tall”.

      It’s interesting that we’re so used to “just so” pre-distressed jeans that no one’s mentioned them yet. They are clearly not the product of his work, as his boots are perfectly unscuffed.

      Overall, his lushly relaxed look is complex enough not to be slovenly in spite of the undershirt and oddly cut jacket. I’d shift both those, and lose a layer or two, and adjust the posture. Unless, of course, he’s gay, in which case the posture would amplify the cleaner look. Either way, he’ll still be comfy.

      • Once again the posture issue is huge. And I agree with your point about distressing the jeans. It’s so normal to see it that it hardly registers anymore.

        • DB

          Ya, what if he just opened his legs and arms a bit and took over that bench? Would that not fit with his sloppy style?

          This reminds me of this post you made:

          That’s another case where if the guy just improved his posture, the look would probably work. As discussed in the comments, his slouchy posture makes his polished look say “cubicle monkey”. If he stood up straighter and took his hands out of his pockets and had a more masculine frame it would change the look.

          • Samuel

            As far as his clothes are concerned, it works for me. The t-shirt, sure, it might be a little baggy but it fits the vibe. This feels like a lazy weekend afternoon and he just happens to be out.

            That being said, I think the gaudy nature of the ring is what makes it feel feminine. In my experiences, I’ve never seen a masculine straight man wear a big turquoise blue ring. I’ve seen guys do it, but they don’t exactly epitomize masculinity. Combine that with his legs crossed the way they are.

            I feel it would fit the comfortable, go to hell vibe a lot better if he sat with his back against the bench, and arm stretched out, one leg up, but resting on his knee at the ankle. Like in this post (the most recent shot):

    • Regarding the ring – is it that the ring is so large that it dwarfs his thin fingers, so that the “ring is wearing the hand” and not vice-versa?

      I mean my gut reaction to it is “he looks like a pussy,” and this would explain it I think.