• Brian

    The jacket seems a bit short and the fit of the pants is a little loose. Sunglasses inside seems a little absurd too…

    The ring is a nice touch.

    • http://twitter.com/SamuelHersh9 Samuel Hershberger

      Agreed on the ring. I think the pants are right as I remember this outfit from the movie…didn’t raise any red flags. Could just be the pose with the fabric bunching.

      I get the feeling that you haven’t seen the movie. Correct me if I’m wrong. Similar to the photo Tanner posted of Gob a couple Wednesday Weigh-In’s ago, others were commenting regarding the ridiculousness of wearing flip flops with a suit…which IS ridiculous. But for Gob’s character, it fit his personality.

      I feel this is exactly what this suit accomplishes for Gosling’s character in the movie. Sunglasses inside ARE silly and absurd…but Ryan Gosling…in this role…gives zero fucks.

  • http://gentlemanslut.wordpress.com/ GentlemanSlut

    If I could, I would attempt to skin Ryan Gosling and wear him as a onesie. The guy just oozes style

    • MasculineStyle

      Hahaha. Comment of the week right there.