Wednesday Weigh In: Gob Bluth

Stylish Gob Bluth

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  • Liam

    Bad form. Flip flops look horrible with this. The white tee does nothing for me. Maybe a colored or graphic tee if you really feel the need to wear one with this outfit. I don’t think even I could pull off flip flops with a suit, assuming that is a suit, as the trousers look slightly off color from the jacket. Either way, the whole shebang is poorly put together, even for a guy on Hulu adverts.

  • Sean

    Of course it’s bad! Gob was the half-an-idea man in Arrested Development.

    His ideas, plans, connivances, his ENTIRE LIFE was presented as though he read a mistranslated guide on what he was trying to do. So it makes perfect sense for that character to have a few sartorial elements that are each good independently, but mix them so horribly.

    That Gob would have mismatched suit parts, with a Miami Vice shirt under and some flipflops is so characteristic of Gob that the costumer deserves an award for outfitting Arquette so well. Most of those folks are very style conscious and would reaching for the Imitrex after setting up this shot.

    • MasculineStyle

      I’m glad someone pointed this out. The fact that both Arnett and Gob are a little on the crazy side make something like this fitting, even if it isn’t appropriate.

  • There is so much wrong with this picture… but all I can see is those awful man-flops.

    The first rule of shoes for men: No one should see your toes unless you are within sight of a beach or swimming pool.

  • Brian

    Pants fit perfectly, jacket also fits well.

    The flip flops look atrocious. I read something once that said “a man should never wear flip flops because a man should always be prepared to run in the event of an emergency.” I have never worn them other than at the beach since.

    The contrast between the navy and white is a little too stark for him (this looks better:

    That’s all I got.

  • Aggy

    Assuming the jacket and trousers are the same colour (the trousers do seem slightly more blue, but that might just be the lighting of the photo), then the outfit works quite well in my opinion – other than the flipflops.

    Flipflops just shouldn’t be worn with anything other than shorts – and even then only in the most casual of settings, around a pool or on a beach.