Why I Hate My Tattoo

The most frequent request I get is to explain the origin of, and meaning behind, my tattoo.

Well I do just that in this video, along with why I hate it and believe a majority of men who get tattoos today will probably end up regretting theirs.

Meet The Author

Tanner is the founder and primary author of Masculine Style. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and two kids, and helps run Beckett & Robb – a men’s clothing company built around custom suits and shirts.

  • David Arbelaez

    Thanks for sharing Tanner. Not to be a conversational narcissist but I’d like to share my story so it can make you feel better. Your tattoo, like so many tattoos, makes more sense when we get them than they do years later. At 46 years of age, I got a tattoo of my now ex wife’s name on my left forearm. $6000 later, and 19 lazer removal procedures completed, I’m in the process of getting this stupid thing removed. I think that tattoos are the only regrets in life that can be permanently removed. I am thankful for that because who wants a constant reminder of what a complete idiot they were?

  • No matter what, buy human mind, thoughts and priorities and relationship change. So I think its completely stupid to do a permanent mutation to one’s body….