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Suit Supply Terra Plain Linen/Cotton Jacket: The key to pulling off a sport coat in more casual environments like LA is to go with something that’s bolder, and made of a material that’s more prone to wrinkle. It also helps when that material is more breathable and the jacket is unlined. This is the kind of jacket you could honestly throw on with a pair of shorts and make it look good. $349


BDG Triblend Wide Neck Tee

Urban Outfitters Scoop Neck Tees:  These epitomize California cool and are a bid more relaxed and Rakish than a V-neck or crew neck. I’d recommend sizing up one size so they fit a bit loose and sloppy on you. Pick up a couple in colors that work with your Style Profile. $18 each


Rag & Bone Placket Henley: These kind of henleys have a bit of a Ryan Gosling flair. They’re casual but still intentional. It’s a lighter weight and a more open weave, so it looks a bit more dressed up. $50


Suit Supply Blue Washed Shirt: This is a linen/cotton blend that should really almost be a summer default. It will wrinkle, so just embrace that aspect of it and wear it accordingly. $130


Suit Supply Brown Shirt: This is a brown microstripe that is so fine it will look like a solid unless someone is practically on top of you. It’s similar to the shirt above but will have a little more wrinkle resistance. $100



Dockers Alpha Khakis (aff link): The louder pair is a good way to embrace the casual attitude of spring and summer while the grey pair is a bit more neutral and appropriate after dark. These are the slimmest-fitting, off-the-rack chinos I’ve been able to find and endorse. $120 for both

Polo Slim Fit G.I. Shorts (aff link): The light blue is both casual and neutral and will wear well with everything else. You want slim shorts to keep the proportions between your thighs and your calves more even. $90


Ted Baker London Soro Espadrilles (aff link): Espadrilles are the adult/traditional alternative to Van’s slip-ons. $70

Converse White Chuck Taylors: These are about as classic and as timeless as it gets when it comes to casual summer shoes. Wear them with shorts and a henley or even with the sport coat. They’re also washable so you can keep them pristine or embrace the dirtiness that comes with white shoes. $45