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Podcast Episode 10: Dress Like a Villain

This episode breaks down why some of the best sartorial icons in modern cinema are not the heroes, but the villains. I talk about the top three best-dressed villains in all three of the Style Archetypes and provide contrast between this concept and an older post about...

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Podcast Episode 7: There is a Try

This episode is a revisit of an article I wrote back in February of 2012 titled “Yoda was Wrong” In the original article I argued that, contrary to the Jedi’s stipulation that, “there is no try,” attempting and failing is still better...

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Podcast Episode 6: Perfection is Overrated

Today’s episode is a rehash of an article found on Dappered. It’s one from last year in which Joe adequately takes down the idea of achieving a perfect fit and criticizes those who waste too much time an effort in its pursuit. Check out the original...

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