EricP Board


Levi’s 300 Series Long-Sleeve Henleys (affiliate link): These are minimal and simple, but should be tough enough to last a while. I’d recommend getting the grey and the navy. $37 each or $75 for both


Frank & Oak Brathurst Marine Button Up: Simple and casual. This definitely leans towards your higher percentage of Rugged over everything else. $45


Frank & Oak Double Weave Gingham Shirt: While it does have some grey, the warm tones of the off-white will compliment your coloring well. Just as the shirt above, this appeals to the Rugged aspect of a wardrobe but still dresses things up a notch. $65


Docker’s Forest Green Alpha Khaki (aff link): These are a great alternative to a pair of jeans. They’re versatile and will pair well with the shirts and jackets we’ve chosen for you. $88


Kane & Unke Field Jacket (aff link): Field jackets have a good balance between Rugged and Refined. Something like this oat grey will work with your complexion and flatter all the other colors we’ve selected with clothes. $140


Suit Supply Blue Plain Havana Jacket: This thing is money. With patch pockets and no shoulders, it’s going to dress a bit more casually/Rugged, but the fact that it’s still a sport coat ups the Refined and Rakish elements. The donegal tweed is perfect too. Of all the things on your Board, I’m most excited about this find. $399



J Crew Stanton Shorts: Simple in styling and that makes them extremely versatile. I’d recommend either the 9″ or 10.5″. You want them to hit just above your knee. Get them in this grey and you’ll be great to wear them with anything. $65

Swim Trunks



Cabana e Fogo Madrugada Listrado Trunks: I got a pair of these this summer and love them. The fit is a bit on the short side, but not so tiny that they look effeminate or overly  sexualized. They’re a bit pricey, but a pair of trunks is something that can be purchased once and then worn for years. The sunglass strap and waterproof bag have made them ideal for travel too. $178



Fratelli Orsini Touchscreen Gloves: These have a coating on them that allows them to work with a touchscreen, making them ideal for cold days. They’re also cashmere lined, making them comfortable while they’re on too. $110