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Florsheim Doon Gaucho Oxfords (affiliate link): The affiliate website only has the picture of the brown leather. However, you’re going to want them in the gaucho suede. They will see a lot of wear so getting a quality brand like Florsheim is worthwhile. $110


Florsheim Danforth Driving Shoes (aff link): These are as casual as you can get without getting a pair of sneakers. They’re very low profile and flexible so they’ll almost wear like a pair of Tom’s but look much better. $125



Levi’s 513 Slim-Straight Laurel Leaf Jeans: These are slim without being skinny and the right inky blue. They’ll be a bit uncomfortable at first because they’re  new but will feel great once they’re worn in. $47


Bonobos Bees Knees Blue Shorts (aff link): Slim and the perfect length to still show a bit of your knee. The color is neutral so you’ll be able to wear them with anything. On sale since it’s the off season. $33


Dockers Pebble Alpha Khakis (aff link): The best fitting chinos I’ve been able to find. They’ll be slimmer than what you see on guys at Best Buy while still dressing up more than jeans because they’re khakis. $60





Target Mossimo V-Neck T’s: I wear these myself and like how soft and slim they are. It’s also nice that they’re cheap enough that it really doesn’t matter if you ruin one. All three of the colors above are warm and will work well with your coloring. $30



Express 1MX Extra Slim-Fit Shirt: Express is having a pretty hefty sale right now. It’s worth checking out in store first but then ordering online if they don’t have a good color in your size. I recommend a lighter blue like the one above or a white so you can get the versatility you need with only buying one shirt. $40




Frank & Oak Ocean Gingham Shirt: This is a warm shade of blue that should be great with your coloring. The gingham isn’t too big that it’s overly casual, nor is it so small it will be mistaken for a business shirt: $45


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Mossimo Short Sleeved Henleys: Target carried these a while ago and then discontinued. Thankfully they’re back because they are the best, short-sleeved henleys I’ve ever owned. The fit is great and they’re cheap so it’s not a big deal if you tear through one of them. I suggest the three colors pictured above. $40 for three

79240_YL5595 79240_WT0002 79240_GY6517 79240_GR6436J Crew High Armed V-Neck T’s. All four of these colors will be great on you. The V is neither too low nor too shallow and the sleeves fall higher than they do on regular T-shirts. $100 for four



H&M Fine Knit Navy Sweater: This is the same sweater I have on in my V-Neck Staples post. It’s thin and slim and has lasted me quite a few years of wear. The navy or the grey are going to be the most versatile colors for you. $20



H&M Olive Green Quilted Jacket: This might be a stretch for you but this jacket is awesome. It’s not too formal and is unique without being attention seeking. $40