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The Staples

Navy Jacket




Mott & Bow Mosco Jeans: I’ve had a pair of these for a couple of months now and both the fit and quality of the cloth are great. They’re not so heavy as to make them uncomfortable, but not too light for winter either. They’re slim without being hipster skinny and should be a more-than-appropriate fit for a man at your level. $96



Oxford Cloth Button Down


Winter-Weight Casual Shirt



Docker’s Alpha Khakis: You’re going to want the slim tapered, not the skinnies. Like the jeans above, they’ll be the right balance between too baggy and too slim. Both of these colors will cover your bases and be wearable with the other items we choose for you. $100

Seasonal Jacket





Oliver People’s West Sunglasses (affiliate link): These are the exact glasses I use as an example for your face shape in Style Profiles, just adapted to a color scheme that’s more flattering with your complexion. $280


53-saffron-good8Chester Mox #53 Compact Wallet: I have three wallets from this same maker and this is my favorite as far as size and wearability are concerned. It has more space than just a card case, but isn’t as big as most bifolds. You don’t necessarily have to get this color, but it’s my favorite. $155







Buck Knives Squire Blade: In my opinion, this is the ideal man’s pocket knife. It’s large enough to be effective for anything short of skinning an animal, but still simple and refined enough to look appropriate if pulled out of a suit pocket. The wood in the handle adds a bit of intentionality beyond something that’s 100% metal. $65