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How to wear a short sleeve button up shirt

Now that summer’s in full swing I’m going to teach you simple mistakes to avoid in the article of clothing I see guys mess up more than anything else  the short-sleeve button-up shirt.  Let’s break this down. This is how your average guy looks in one of...

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Function and Symbolism

So this week’s Wednesday weigh in has gotten a lot of traction on Twitter (you can see it here) and – rightfully so – it’s been a polarizing one. My personal reservations on it are the same as many others. It’s trying too hard Looks like...

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Interview #7 – Ben Christensen

Ben is one of the more interesting people I’ve had the opportunity to interact with over the years. His style is a strong blend of 19th century cowboy with modern skater and he somehow pulls it off in a way that’s interesting without looking like a...

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Risk vs Purpose

It seems that more and more men are experiencing a crisis of identity. We know we want to be better, but we don’t know exactly what that looks like, how to make it work in our contemporary world, or what the long-lasting implications of it are. In this episode...

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Interview #6 – Jack Donovan

In order to understand the relationship between appearance and masculinity we need to know what it is to be a man. And, while most of the world tries to tie up masculinity into moral virtues, my guest today articulately makes the point that masculinity is amoral...

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