3 Reasons to Wear Real Pajamas

Wait, pajamas? For years I wore what I assume most young men wear to sleep – a pair of old basketball shorts and maybe the occasional T-shirt. But, as I got older, I decided I wanted to start wearing a little more. Maybe it had to do with sharing my bed with someone, maybe it… Read more »

The Power of a Versatile Wardrobe

Subscribe to Masculine Style on YouTube Versatility is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot in the menswear world, but there’s good reason for it. Most men don’t have the desire to have a massive wardrobe and would rather get as much bang for their buck as they possibly can out of each item… Read more »

Clothing & Conformity

Earlier this week I posted a video that was a companion piece to my article titled Fathers Have a Moral Obligation to Dress Well. One of the comments on that video was interesting and required more of a response than what I wanted to type out – so I made a corresponding video. Here’s the… Read more »

The Best Shoes for Flying

Travel has suddenly become a larger part of my life. It’s a fun challenge to learn how to eat right, work out, maximize mileage, and do a million other things you road warriors are already good at. One of the unique challenges for me is dressing well while traveling. Since most of my trips are… Read more »

Conor McGregor Style in Real Life

Over the last couple of years there has been one man in the UFC who has changed the viability and mainstream appeal of the entire sport – Connor McGregor. McGregor is a polarizing figure. His attitude, appearance, origin story, and accomplishments all make him larger than life, and it has become impossible for anyone involved in… Read more »