Three Keys to Dressing Well

I had an unintended summer hiatus, and I’m glad I took it. I appreciate the continued contact I’ve received from so many of you as I’ve been a bit MIA over the last month. As a thanks, I’m offering up a bonus on one of my services. Use the code “styleupgrade” when purchasing a Style Profile and… Read more »

The Seasonal Sports Jacket – Staple #27

As versatile as a navy jacket is, it doesn’t cover all of a man’s bases. While we live in a climate-controlled world and rarely have to deal with the elements like generations before us, there are still times when a man finds himself outside and in need of seasonally appropriate clothing. Along with the functionality… Read more »

The Mighty Mongrel Mob: An Example of Tribal Aesthetics

Recently Vice published a photo series taken of men from the Mighty Mongrel Gang in New Zealand. Fascinating isn’t a strong enough word to describe these men. I’m going to remove all moral assessments of who these men are and what they’ve done. It’s very easy for me to sit here, on my porch in… Read more »

Spring 2015

No words. Just some inspiration for winter. Most images pulled from Tumblr.

Review: Grooming Lounge

If you haven’t been following John’s excellent series on Masculine Grooming here on the site, you’re really missing out. He does a great job of breaking down the importance of having a solid grooming routine in a way that I hope has become expected with the other content of the site – mainly by giving… Read more »