Podcast Episode 10: Dress Like a Villain

This episode breaks down why some of the best sartorial icons in modern cinema are not the heroes, but the villains. I talk about the top three best-dressed villains in all three of the Style Archetypes and provide contrast between this concept and an older post about not dressing like a cartoon character. [soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/234354124″… Read more »

My son is trying to kill me!

As I continue in my attempts to increase the reach of Masculine Style, I’m having fun experimenting with different mediums and methods. One thing a lot of my media friends have had success with is a vlog format on YouTube. Some of these guys are dedicated enough that they do one multiple times a week… Read more »

Podcast Episode 9: Dressing the Shorter Man

This episode was based on a revisitation of my September 2012 post Dressing the (Smaller)Man. Being as I’m six feet tall, I can only approach this topic from a hypothetical perspective. So I decided to bring on two of my good friends who are both style experts and on the shorter end of the spectrum…. Read more »