Dressing Well is the Easiest Energy Boost

Listening to this month’s book (How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big) has taught me a lot already. One of the things Adams talks about is the importance of focusing on things that energize you. For me, that’s all of this blogging stuff. I hadn’t been able to put into words why… Read more »

When Being Cheap is the Best Approach

I’m a huge advocate of investing the money required to buy quality pieces, but no man should be a price snob. The shoes I’m wearing were lovingly crafted and painted, by hand, by an old cobbler in Italy who has probably made more shoes than I’ve lived weeks. The suit I have on took longer… Read more »

The Right Sized Noose Around Your Neck

A quick comment on the importance of proportion. It really is a necessary component of dialing in your appearance – especially when it comes to suiting. One key area is the balance between the tie width, lapel size, and shirt collar height. As the sartorial world is moving away from the razor thin lapels circa… Read more »

Bustin’ Out the Boots

It was raining again when I left the house this morning. So I decided to lace up my dress boots. (Allen Edmonds Daltons) These are great for the upcoming seasons because they keep my feet warm and protected, without sacrificing the Refined aesthetic I need from my footwear. If you live in a temperate climate… Read more »

Podcast Episode 8: Dressing the Muscular Man

This episode is a bit of a mixture. It was initiated by an article I wrote back in October 2012 titled “Dressing the Muscular Man.” In the original article I laid out some basic advice on how men who have spent some obvious time in the gym can dress better. For the actual episode, I… Read more »