Finding the Right Tailor

For men who spend any time browsing style blogs and forums, this is almost a throw away statement. Every author and his dog has told his readers that a key to dialing in his style is establishing a relationship with the right tailor. But what does that mean exactly? I know I’ve used a total […]

Your Skin & You

This post is sponsored by Luxury Barber. For more info, visit Hello everyone! Thank you for all the kind words on the first article. I wasn’t quite sure how well it’d be received, but it was all good vibes. I’m excited to share my knowledge with such an enthused audience. Well where to start? […]

Podcast Episode 1: Fit is King

In the inaugural episode of the podcast I revisit my very first post on the site Fit is King. I talk about what I still support from that post, and also bring up a few things I’ve learned since then. As part of each episode, I will be discussing an Icon and Embarrassment. They are […]


A man who spends any time tuned into social media has most likely come across his fair share of the professional victim class – the people who always have something to complain about. At the top of this list of people would be the Tumblr and Twitter activists that make up third-wave (fourth by now?) […]

Historic Style: Matadors

A controversial sport, bullfighting can trace its origins to ancient Mesopotamia – namely the Epic of Gilgamesh in which Endiku fought and conquered the Bull of Heaven using a bright tunic and a sword. The sport can be followed through Rome and medieval Europe, but it wasn’t until 1726 in Spain when it became popular to […]