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Aesthetic Inertia

aesthetic inertia

Today’s topic is one I’ve touched on in the past, but have never fully fleshed out. We’re talking about Aesthetic Inertia. Click here to watch the YouTube video Aesthetic Inertia Click here to watch the YouTube video Aesthetic Inertia Aesthetic Inertia is the idea that the appearance of most men is rooted in passivity –… Read more »

Donald Trump Style in Real Life


Today’s post is the beginning of a yet-to-be-named series, in which I take popular figures and break down their style. And who better to start with, than one of the most polarizing figures in the media in this, the beginning of 2016. I’m talking about none other than Donald J Trump. Click here to watch… Read more »

Black Ivy Style


Today’s post was written by Letroy Woods – the curator of Man Becomes Style. Our political and social positions differ strongly, but he takes an excellent approach to helping black men draw from their heritage, culture, and identity to create a unique, intriguing style. What in the world is Black Ivy Culture, WASP’s, and Preppy style?… Read more »

Annual Reader Survey


Milestones are a great time to reflect on past actions and plan for future endeavors. And the end of the year is a reliable milestone for such introspection. I’ve been spending the last few weeks going over personal goals, goals with Beckett & Robb, and goals for Masculine Style. However, my personal goals aren’t all… Read more »

Dirty Job Style

I got a great email from a reader asking about a few things. Tanner, I’ve been a tremendous fan of the blog since discovering you through Rollo Tomassi’s mention of you at the Men in Demand conference.  Per your recent post on skinny jeans, I admit that I’m guilty of in the past drawing the… Read more »