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If you spend any time perusing sites like Tumblr, Reddit, and menswear blogs, you’re probably well aware of the current trend of wearing camo. I had an individual request for how to pull it off and decided a post would be better than just an email response because there might be others who are interested […]

Aesthetic and Social Congruence

Last week I got an email from a client with whom I started working more than a year ago. He’s seen some significant changes in his life and attributes many of them to his efforts in dressing better. Some of the differences were a direct result and others were more indirect. While he was happy […]

What Is a Spring/Summer Suit

Some parts of the States will argue with me, but we are moving into warmer weather. It’s supposed to reach the mid 70′s in Salt Lake today and I couldn’t be happier about it. For most men, the transition from colder months to warmer is pretty easy, at least when it comes to casual clothing. […]