Historic Style: Plague Doctors

Also known as “Beak Doctors” these were “physicians” who were hired by communities to treat those infected with the Bubonic Plague. I use quotations around the word physician because many of these doctors were actually men who were unable to qualify to start their own medical practice and were relegated to dealing with the Black […]

The Masculine Style Manifesto

Manifestos have been used by men and organizations for millennia. They are a way to solidify ideals and to make goals and aspirations feel more tangible. They have been used by individuals, businesses, governments, fraternal organizations, and many other groups of men to help their members improve their lives. As Masculine Style continues to grow, […]

How to Dress Like Harvey Specter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the name Harvey Specter should ring a bell. For those who don’t know, he’s one of the two main characters in USA’s lawyer drama “Suits.” The show centers around him and his genius/fraud protege Mike Ross and takes the ever popular approach of telling broader stories over series […]

The “Myth” of Timeless Style

Timeless style is a term that gets thrown around constantly in forums and on blogs. Recently it’s reached peak saturation and a lot of the more cynical men in the #menswear community are starting to chafe at its mention. After all, timelessness is impossible to achieve in clothing. A suit from the 60′s would look […]

Painless Shopping is Overrated

image from City Home Collective One of the most common refrains I hear about why most guys don’t dress better is that shopping is too frustrating and/or painful. While I get the sentiment and even laud the companies that attempt to make it easier, this is a stupid and invalid reason to dress poorly. In […]