Fathers Have a Moral Obligation to Dress Well

The title may sound hyperbolic or click-baity, but I mean it. A dad’s obligation to dress well doesn’t mean his kids need to see him in a suit every day, but it does mean they need to see him in one when it’s appropriate to wear it. The same applies for every article of clothing […]

A Style Framework vs Commandments

My parents have been working with Treg for the last few months and honing in their diets and exercise routines. It’s been fun to see how their bodies and goals have changed over that time. They went from being avid marathoners, to avid marathoners who also enjoy lifting weights. Haha. While the new exercise routine […]

Winter 2015

No words. Just some inspiration for winter. Most images pulled from Tumblr.

Review Combatant Gentlemen

Let’s get a little disclosure out of the way right off the bat. I work for a company that does custom suits, shirts, etc. – not just as a sales guy, but high enough up the (relatively small) ladder that my input helps shape the direction of the company. Beckett & Robb is technically a […]

Finding the Right Tailor

For men who spend any time browsing style blogs and forums, this is almost a throw away statement. Every author and his dog has told his readers that a key to dialing in his style is establishing a relationship with the right tailor. But what does that mean exactly? I know I’ve used a total […]