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Three Keys to Dressing Well


I had an unintended summer hiatus, and I’m glad I took it. I appreciate the continued contact I’ve received from so many of you as I’ve been a bit MIA over the last month. As a thanks, I’m offering up a bonus on one of my services. Use the code “styleupgrade” when purchasing a Style Profile and… Read more »

The Seasonal Sports Jacket – Staple #27


As versatile as a navy jacket is, it doesn’t cover all of a man’s bases. While we live in a climate-controlled world and rarely have to deal with the elements like generations before us, there are still times when a man finds himself outside and in need of seasonally appropriate clothing. Along with the functionality… Read more »

Spring 2015


No words. Just some inspiration for winter. Most images pulled from Tumblr.

Review: Bespoke Post


It seems like the subscription service model has blown up over the last couple of years. What started off with a few companies like Trunk Club and Gilt, has turned into a real force and game changer in the way men buy clothing. Recently a company by the name of Bespoke Post reached out and… Read more »

What to Pack for a Tropical Vacation


A mere month ago I was playing on the beaches of Oahu with my wife, my family, and no kids. I love my children, but learning the difference between a trip and a vacation was enlightening. I’m going to have to make it a point to do an annual trip without them and let them… Read more »