Lug Soles

I got an interesting question from a reader last week. Hey Tanner, First off, just found your blog today via Primer and I’m really enjoying what I’ve seen so far. The mixture of culture, psychology, and fashion is uniquely interesting. Now on to the reason I’m writing this to you: I’m curious how you feel […]

Review: LSTN Headphones

As much as music was part of my identity in high school and college, I’ve never been a huge audio guy. I didn’t own any vinyl, and the only lamentation I had about shifting all of my music from CD’s to my phone was that it didn’t play as loudly in my car. I’ve never […]

Historic Style: Barbarian Clothing

On my way to and from work, I used to listen to a lot of talk radio. However, on the recommendation of a friend, I started listening to various podcasts a few months ago. One of the most interesting and probably my favorite podcast is Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. Carlin is an excellent story-teller (a […]

Masculine Style 3.0

Welcome to the new layout and design of the site. For those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning, you’ll remember version 1.0 was back at the┬ádays. Almost exactly two years ago was when the site made the jump to being self-hosted, and here we are today with a navigation and content-friendly […]

Home Staples: The Scented Candle

Whether he wants to incorporate them as part of the visual appeal of his place or keep them completely hidden, a man’s home should smell like a man – not like his gym bag smells like a man, but how a bar, wood shop, or hunting lodge does. The connection between scents and our emotions […]