Annual Reader Survey

Milestones are a great time to reflect on past actions and plan for future endeavors. And the end of the year is a reliable milestone for such introspection. I’ve been spending the last few weeks going over personal goals, goals with Beckett & Robb, and goals for Masculine Style. However, my personal goals aren’t all… Read more »

Podcast Episode 12: Stop Dressing for Women

This episode breaks down the reasons why men assume they should dress in a way that attracts women, why that’s wrong, and the differences between men’s goals and women’s goals in how we dress. It discusses: Why men choose to dress better in an attempt at becoming more attractive How men are visual creatures and… Read more »

Podcast Episode 11: Dressing the Armed Man

This episode discusses both the mechanics of dressing well while carrying a firearm, along with the reasons I personally choose to carry a weapon. I understand that this is a controversial subject and one that can lead to a heated discussion in the comments. I don’t need to defend myself. I may engage in a… Read more »

321 – Suiting & CGI

This week’s 321 covers: Three How to care for a suit jacket while driving. Hang it up? Wear it? Stacked heels vs leather soles. Are they mutually exclusive? How can young guys dress in the Refined Archetype without looking too uppity. Two How many kids do I want to have? Do I play any musical… Read more »