Real Men Wear Whatever They Want

In the four years that I’ve been writing about men’s style, the most commonly issued argument against any of my points is that, “real men dress however they want,” or some other iteration of the same statement. This standard is not only applied to clothing, but to almost anything else a man does. Real men… Read more »

Look the Part

A few months back a representative from Acura Financial Services (AFS) reached out to tell me about a program they’re offering for upcoming and recent college graduates called “Look the Part.” With AFS, qualified college graduates can save $500 off of a (2015 or newer) Acura. These savings can be used towards anything the grad… Read more »

Podcast Episode 6: Perfection is Overrated

Today’s episode is a rehash of an article found on Dappered. It’s one from last year in which Joe adequately takes down the idea of achieving a perfect fit and criticizes those who waste too much time an effort in its pursuit. Check out the original Dappered article here. Icon: The fine gentlemen over at… Read more »

Three Keys to Dressing Well

While I was in Florence last month I was able to be part of one of the more interesting menswear-related discussions of my life. It was a debate between two men in the suiting world – one who chooses to use tailors in China for his company, and the other who won’t work with anyone… Read more »