Conor McGregor Style in Real Life

Over the last couple of years there has been one man in the UFC who has changed the viability and mainstream appeal of the entire sport – Connor McGregor. McGregor is a polarizing figure. His attitude, appearance, origin story, and accomplishments all make him larger than life, and it has become impossible for anyone involved in… Read more »

Thursday Boots Review

Somehow I’ve turned into a boot guy over the last two years. I don’t know how or why it happened, but I’ve amassed a modest – yet respectable – collection of boots. Most of them lean a little more on the formal side of the scale, but even my more casual variations are a bit… Read more »

Ideal Apparel for a Long Drive

I spent about 12 hours on the road, by myself yesterday. It was a great drive and a chance to spend some time catching up on some needed books and podcasts. One great thing about dressing better is how quickly you learn to find clothes that are comfortable and still look intentional. The poorly dressed… Read more »

Casey Neistat Style in Real Life

In the second installment of Style in Real Life I’m going to break down the style of one of the most unique, interesting, and intentional men on YouTube. Casey Neistat is a daily vlogger who has had no small amount of influence on my own channel, along with thousands of others who have tried to… Read more »

Dapper & Done Giveaway

I get asked quite a bit what my grooming routine is. Maybe I’ll walk you through it all one of these days, but I believe the key to great grooming is getting the right gear. I could scrub my body with a stick and water, but it wouldn’t do the job nearly as well as… Read more »