The “Myth” of Timeless Style

Timeless style is a term that gets thrown around constantly in forums and on blogs. Recently it’s reached peak saturation and a lot of the more cynical men in the #menswear community are starting to chafe at its mention. After all, timelessness is impossible to achieve in clothing. A suit from the 60’s would look […]

Painless Shopping is Overrated

image from City Home Collective One of the most common refrains I hear about why most guys don’t dress better is that shopping is too frustrating and/or painful. While I get the sentiment and even laud the companies that attempt to make it easier, this is a stupid and invalid reason to dress poorly. In […]

What to Pack for a Business Trip

It’s an experience every man should have, and most of us probably will. There’s something different about flying into another city or even a different country when it’s done on business instead of vacation. Here’s what every man should bring along. Navy Suit Kind of a cheater move since it’s not really going to be […]

Rugged, Refined, and Rakish Independence

While many of my readers are from different countries, the bulk of you are from the States. Friday we’ll be celebrating our Independence Day. And, without diving too deeply into the politics of that name and its increasingly ironic significance, I still believe it is a day worth celebrating. So here are some tips on […]