"I've worked with Tanner as my style coach for over a year now, and the transformation has been nothing short of incredible.


In the same way we provide expert strength coaching at Barbell Logic, and meeting clients where they are; Tanner is a kindred spirit in style; an expert coach with incredible service, always making you feel heard, and helping you find your own style, rather than forcing you into something that you're not.


His coaching has absolutely transformed the way I feel & carry myself and the way other people perceive me, whether in-person or on video conference calls - I can now command the presence & respect I previously struggled to achieve."


- Matt Reynolds

Coaching with Masculine Style starts from the inside - who you are, who you're building yourself into


This isn't about the latest trends, putting you in suits all the time, or making you wear something that's going to make you feel ridiculous.

It's about helping you to learn to dress in a way that not only looks better but also feels more authentic and more comfortable while also sending better signals to the world around you.

This isn't some $97 course or ebook

I'll be working with you 1-on-1. Not some 22-year-old girl with a fashion degree - me - a man who's part of the BLOC family, who gets the value of voluntary hardship and loves helping men become the absolute best versions of themselves.

This program IS for:

  • Men who are concerned with things like their fitness, finances, and relationships and want to improve their edge
  • Men who have both the means and time to invest in improving the way they dress and look
  • Men who know their value and want to communicate it to the world around them
  • Men who want to develop aesthetics as another skill to add to their toolkit
  • Men who are open to the idea that there are many ways to dress well and want to find their own unique style.

This program is NOT for:

  • Men who want a stylist or someone to simply pick their clothes for them
  • Men who don’t know their own value and hope that dressing well will finally help them start getting ahead in life
  • Men who are rigid in thinking that good style HAS to look a certain way


Think about all the ways your life has improved since you started lifting heavy.

Yes you're stronger physically, but you're also tougher mentally. You're likely both more patient and more assertive. You like who you see in the mirror a whole lot better - which means you carry yourself with more confidence and get better results at work and with your loved ones.

You're making progress with your physical, mental, and financial health. So let's add the force multiplier of your aesthetic health and watch your life really move to the next level.

Here’s How It Works

First thing is you’ll need to give me your email address - not the one all your spam newsletters go to, the one you check and keep up on. 

Next you’ll be taken to an application where I’ll ask you a bunch of personal questions about your life, ambitions, style, etc. It’s not the shortest application, and that’s by design. I’m only looking for serious candidates.

Once it’s submitted, you'll be able to book a slot for a 20-minute call with me. I'll personally be taking a look at your application and getting on the call with you to see if I can help you out.

If I can, I might invite you to join me. If I can't, I'll point you in the direction of another resource that will get you going.


I’m only looking for high-quality men to coach and take applications on a first-come-first-serve basis.

OK, Here’s the first step…