How the program looks:

  • We’ll start with your body. I’ll help you dial in all the basics of things like color, contrast, pattern, and fit. These principles are timeless and will serve you regardless of where you live or what kind of cultures or sub cultures you belong to.
  • Next, we’ll take an advanced version of the Archetype Quiz and determine which is your primary, secondary, and tertiary archetype. Using that, we’ll start to piece together what your own authentic style should look like and make sure it reflects the man you really are.
  • We’ll focus on your Tribes - what they are, where you fit within them, and how we can use your appearance to help you accomplish your goals within each group you belong to. This is where you’ll really start to connect the dots on what good style looks like for you.
  • One of the keys to not looking like the average man is to focus on your own personal Taste. By knowing how you want to blend the different cultures you belong to, factor in visual cues from other important parts of your life, and then combining them in a way that’s authentic to you, we really have a full plan on what your own ideal style looks like.
  • Good style isn’t just at work or when you’re out socializing, it’s something that can benefit you anywhere. I’ll teach you how to think about your clothing needs in any Location or Environment so your style is always an asset.
  • One of the most daunting components of improving your appearance is feeling overwhelmed by all the potential time and money you think you should be investing. Rather than taking a more-is-always-better approach, we’ll cap off the whole process by making sure you’re only putting in as much effort into your appearance as you personally believe is worth it. That way you never let it override the other, much more important things you have going on in your life.

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your style, and my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you we’ll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

The tools we use:

  • A full curriculum with videos that teach you everything you need to know about each of the six steps
  • An assignment each week that helps you take the principles beyond theory and into application
  • My cell number - really. Other than Sundays, I respond to my clients within the same day that they send me questions, updates, or even just selfies asking for feedback
  • A weekly video call wherein I'll be able to answer questions you have as you move through the course and, even more importantly, help you brainstorm on how to apply what you've learned to your own style
  • Text and pic access to me so if you're out shopping and can't make a decision, I can give you real-time feedback about what you're trying on and whether or not it works.
  • In-person shopping with me - depending on which package is the right fit for you, you can handle the shopping on your own, come out to do it with me, or even have me come and do it with you.
  • An initial closet evaluation in which I go through everything you currently have in your wardrobe and tell you what's great and worth keeping, what needs to be altered, and what should be gotten rid of.

We go at YOUR pace and create YOUR style

No two clients are alike - you live and work in different places and with different people. You have your own unique hobbies, beliefs, goals, and limitations.

This is not a styling service where I'll arbitrarily choose clothes that will make you look "handsome" this is a coaching program in which you and I will work together to create a style that makes you look and (even more importantly) feel like the best version of yourself.

Here’s what one of my recent clients had to say about his experience.

Over the past few years I’ve made a lot of improvements in life—improving my fitness, making moves in my career, and taking my first international trip across three countries over three weeks. But I still felt stuck in some ways being in my late-20’s.

I felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously as an authority or leader at work now that I was competing at a higher level. I was frustrated that I didn’t really have a handle on what to wear for casual weekends since I only focused on what to wear for the office. I was frustrated that while I had been putting effort to improve myself, my dating life wasn’t where I wanted it to be.

I was frustrated that if I went into a store to buy new clothes that I didn’t know what to look for and would default to what a stylist or salesperson would recommend. Or worse, buy something online that turned out to be a poor fit or made of low-quality material that I’d soon regret buying.

While I was on a call with my friend Mike a few months ago, he recommended that I check out Tanner’s site, Masculine Style. I did and things immediately started to click the deeper I went into his content. His approach wasn’t about “The 7 things you need to wear this spring” but was instead about learning the foundations of clothing and style and about how your specific situation in life will ultimately influence your unique style.

After reading up on his website and checking out his videos, I bought his courses and decided I needed more. So earlier this year I signed up for his 1:1 Coaching Program, and it’s been a game changer.

For example, take something as simple as jeans, a shirt and sneakers. Which communicates a stronger look?

Or what about something as defining as with your face?

Just changing a few dials leads to an entirely different look and message. I’ve received so many compliments on growing out the beard alone—and no one mentioning anything anymore about the dorky glasses, which is where no news is good news. I went from a ‘safe’ or classic look to one that appears older, more assertive, and edgier. Exactly what I wanted.

One of the key things that I’ve learned from working with Tanner over the past couple months is that most guys—myself included—get complacent or comfortable where we are and don’t change things up. And even when we want to, we often have little idea where to start or what dials to tweak and by how much. That’s where Tanner is masterful.

The past few months having the regular 1:1 calls and direct access to Tanner have been nothing short of fantastic. Here’s what you can expect from working with Tanner…

Tanner is genuinely excited to work with you and help you take your life and your style to the next level. You can feel it every time you interact with him and you just can’t not like the guy and look forward to the next call together. It has been regular high-points of my weeks working with and learning from him.

Yes, you learn about the basics of style—fit, colors, patterns, formality, etc. But you get so much more. Tanner is a master at breaking down both the fundamentals of style, and—way more importantly—how to make sure your style sends the message that you want and that your clothing and your style is intentional and aligns with your life.

Because if you just focus on the basics, there are unlimited options that can look pretty good, but not all of them send the message you want. You need to learn how to filter down the options and find the ones that send the message that you want to send.

In fact, we just wrapped up our day of shopping together this past weekend as I flew out to Salt Lake to hang out with him.

And you know what? The shopping experience wasn’t just painless. It was genuinely a blast.

Exhausting, but in the good “get things done” kind of way.

We did all the prep work upfront. Going through everything we worked on together the previous couple months. Identifying exactly what pieces I needed for us to get together or could check out online. Being able to verbally articulate what I was looking for, why a specific item did or did not work, and how each piece would fit as part of a versatile wardrobe (or not). Then in the end, being able to pick up options that were nice-to-have when time and budget allowed.

And it made the entire experience so easy and efficient. Best of all, I’ve learned throughout this process so it will be even better next time.

I’m only looking for high-quality men to coach and take applications on a first-come-first-serve basis.

OK, Here’s the first step…