A man’s style is his first means of communication with the world around him. Before he even opens his mouth, he tells you what kind of man he is by the way he dresses: What he does for a living, what his habits are, how much money he makes, how much he respects himself.

Many will argue that this is untrue. They are wrong. Our brains are hardwired to make judgment calls based on what we see and perceive. A man in tailored suit may, in fact, be a worse person than a man in an orange prison jumper, but our brains still make judgments regardless of what is true.

A wise and shrewd man learns how to use this to his advantage. Rather than wasting time and energy wishing it didn’t matter, he decides to use his style and his appearance to his advantage. The bachelor will dress well to attract a woman. The boss will dress well to build respect with his employees. The adventurer will dress well to protect his body from the elements.

Soldiers wear uniforms and medals to communicate rank and unity.  Costume designers are paid and spend millions of dollars dressing men for TV and movie parts. Authors take time to describe a character’s clothing in detail. Even in popular video games the player can personalize the appearance of his character. At an unconscious level, all men, from the basement-dwelling nerd to the ruler of a country, care about what they wear.

Sadly, we live in a time where men have been told it is effeminate or shallow to invest too much effort in their appearance. It’s akin to saying proper grammar or proper hygiene are irrelevant and should be excluded from the canon of social niceties. But the modern man’s apathy is only to his own disadvantage.

For many men seeking to improve their station in life, one of the first things they acknowledge is not knowing how to dress well. On top of not knowing how to dress well, they don’t know how to start doing so. It is a blow to their pride to admit they don’t have the knowledge to do something. It’s why they hesitate to ask for directions. But when they push through that humiliation with a man they can trust as a mentor, they not only accomplish the thing they set out to do, they learn how to do so for themselves.

My goal is to be that mentor. My services are not to just tell you what to wear and how to wear it, but also to teach you “why” so you can become as fluent in style as you are in your native tongue. I want to teach you the rules of dressing yourself just like you learn grammatical rules. The end goal is to have you be as comfortable using your appearance to communicate your worth and status as you are using your words.