Stupid, Effeminate Poses

UPDATE: I value wit more than crassness – just a heads up if you want to win.

I spend a good portion of my week digging through sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, the Fancy and others in an attempt to find content worth writing about. While there is plenty of good stuff out there, it seems like there is even more that is worse, and one thing that keeps popping up is the effeminate posing of all-too-many male models

A favorite complaint of feminists is how women are portrayed as sexually submissive or simply as pieces of meat on things like advertisements and movie posters. The irony of hating on women posing like women has been addressed countless times and is not really the point of this post. However, it’s funny for me to see them up in arms about women posing like women while the men are subject to poses just as effeminate and submissive.

Posture and body language are a huge aspect of conveying masculinity as was discussed in the comments section of last week’s post about dressing too perfectly. Here are more examples of just how unmanly even the most stylish or swole men can look when they’re posed submissively.

behind the head

self protecting

forearm hold

can't stop touching

neck hold

 swole and girly

These are all terrible but this one takes the cake:


So here’s what I’m going to do – I’ll give a free Basic Consultation to whoever can come up with the best caption for this guy. You have until the end of the night Sunday to make your comment.

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Invisible Urinal
I’d bend over backwards for a Klondike Bar
This is how Corky pees
Ghost Dog says Hello
I’m Super! Thanks for asking.

Dr. Eric Stratton

“I’m so light in the loafers it’s a struggle to not just float away.”

Dear hipsters – Here’s how you know your skinny jeans are too tight.


Lightly Loafered & Twinkle Toed!


The Beard Tells You I’m Male Because Nothing Else About This Picture Does


Your Inability To See The Strings Doesn’t Make Me I’m A Real Boy


“Masculine Style: This is not it.”

or just”Look at this motherf*cker…” works well too.

The ripped dude with his face in his hands actually bothers me more for some reason.


Jamie’s fun in the wind tunnel was about to come to a tragic and fatal end.


Rule #1 for aspiring mimes: There’s no way you can “walk against the wind” in jeans like these.


Honey – Are you suuurrre I’m allowed to hang with the guys tonight?


“I kinda miss prison.”
“Guess who knows Victoria’s SEEEE-Cret?”
“No one was surprised when Brandon decided to dry hump the 23rd Avenue Foot Bridge.”
“Uh-Oh! I put my pants on backwards and now my fly is open…and willing.”


If only i was a girl then i could shame my parents in my gender role as a stripper


I came here to see some hot pictures of men in submissive poses and was rewarded with a bunch of broken links and a lecture on how feminists are evil. Would not recommend.

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