Caption Contest Winner

Thursday’s post on Stupid, Effeminate Poses got a lot of good comments. Before I tell you the winner I want to show you an example of a good, masculine pose.

 strong masculine posture

I can’t tell if this is a candid shot or not. I don’t really care. Look at how much space this guy is taking up. His left leg is blocking the aisle while his right is comfortably in front of the seat next to him. There is absolutely no self-soothing body language here. It also looks like that laugh is pretty genuine – nothing ironic or self-conscious about it. Add the pink pants and you can see a man who’s comfortable with his place in the world and is happy to be there.

That narrative may or may not be true but it’s the impression given off by his body language and his clothing. This is the kind of guy I’d want to hang out with.

Back to the winner for the worst pose of the bunch, I had quite a few to choose from. However, Grey was our winner with this little gem:

Hot stud 9 o’clock….SCHWING!

I haven’t heard a Wayne’s World reference in years and it fit this scenario perfectly.

So Grey, you’ll be getting a free Basic Consultation from me. Just shoot me an email and we can get things set up for you.

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