A Man’s Kitchen

While assumption has always been that the kitchen is the realm of women, there are few things as masculine as preparing food that you’ve provided. I have an uncle who practically wouldn’t allow his wife to cook because he took so much pride in his culinary creations.

If you are a cooking man, your kitchen should reflect that. After all, it’s part of your castle and should appear that way.

masculine kitchen displays

Feminists and misandrists can talk about all the negative connotations between men and violence, but violence is a necessary part of life. We’re just lucky enough to live in a time when we outsource our violence to police and slaughter yards. But if/when things take a turn for the worse, individual men may be responsible for their own violence again and it will be something we had damn well better be able to control.

So until then, proudly display your knives or whatever manly things you can find that are associated with your cooking. Not only does it look better, you’ll probably have easier access as well.

And for those of you who aren’t Top Chef material but want to be, check out Chef in Jeans.