An Intentional Home

Let’s pick up right where we left off, and maybe with a little bit of a refresher. You are a man, you dress like a man, you eat like a man, you drive like a man; but what does your living space say about your manhood?

Last December I helped you to realize that there is room for change in your home or apartment, or even office. I hope you took my advice to heart when I told you to take some time and sort through everything. To not only clean your space, but to take ownership of everything that you keep in it. Touch everything in there. Every envelope in that junk drawer, every file in the cabinet, every everything.

After doing that it should have become obvious to you that there are things that you have forgotten that you had, or didn’t know you had. With that step out of the way and having a space that is organized we can move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Style Selection


As I have written before I am a fan of the mid- century modern look, but it is more eclectic than that, so I have to say that I am a fan of eclectic modern. I love horizontal lines and the way the make a space feel larger, but I also love the look of clean lines, unobstructed by clutter (like can happen so often in mid-century spaces).

But we need to find your style. Your style may not even have a name, it could be a cross between classic victorian and contemporary, it could easily be just modern with your own twist. Most spaces don’t have any “style” to them but are still good looking spaces. If that is you, don’t worry, we just want to make sure we pick a look and stick to it.

Step 3 – Research

I wish I could talk about every available style, but

there isn’t enough space on the internet for that. There are too many genres and sub-genres to even try. So I want you to take the reigns on your space. Start following some Tumblr blogs, or even Pinterest. Grow your eye for your look. You’ll know when you see what suits you.

This is very much like the way we suit ourselves. Not all of us as men wear one black suit and tie day in and day out, but our black suit has its place. Your home or office should reflect that same personality. Feel confident that you are designing your own space.

Step 4 – The Rules of Design

You have a style, you have seen some looks that you like, now to start. The rules for design are pretty simple, and there are ten of them:

These posters are some of the best I have seen that help describe each principle visually. Apply these to your space and you will see that your specific style will come together through color, material, and texture selection. They were created by Turkish designer Efil Turk

1. Balance

2. Hierarchy

3. Pattern

4. Rhythm

5. Space

6. Proportion

7. Emphasis

8. Movement

9. Contrast

10. Unity

That is all I have for you this post friends. Go and do.

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